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It's so much More than just A spread....


It's the preferred Peanut Free & Tree Nut Free Spread, with the same taste, texture & aroma as PB but with even better nutrition.




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        ..... WOW! spread the endless possibilities with WOWBUTTER....           



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WOWBUTTER is a Complete Plant Protein Source unlike other spreads on the market & is more easily digested by the body compared to Nut & Seed Butters. 


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This product is amazing !! Haven’t had peanut butter in over 3 years due to allergies, this made me so happy! The taste, the smell, the texture… just perfect!!



My husband has a severe peanut allergy. All while growing up, he could never have any dishes made with peanut butter. This product has changed his life for the better. We can cook so many different types of cuisine we couldn't before. The best part is I have given it to MANY friends who eat peanut butter (they have no allergies) and they can't tell the difference between this and the real stuff. Wowbutter is the best peanut butter substitute on the market hands down. Not to mention, it's clean. I'm happy to eat it knowing the ingredients. 

Jessica S

This is amazing!
True peanut butter taste and feel.
Your "Wowbutter" is incredibly like peanut butter.
I have no allergies so I have had peanut butter my whole life ( I'm 54) and cannot taste or feel the difference.
Amazing and incredible.

Nelson W.

Many parents have appreciated the sample that we sent home and making them aware that this product is available. The kids really enjoy the WOW Butter and so do the parents. We have had no negative responses.

I am a teacher, with nut, other food and other severe allergies. A number of our students have allergies as well. I fully support the use of soy butter in our schools. Our school presented the product to the parents of children with peanut allergies several years ago, and the parents were in support of its use. It has caused no trouble in our school, and parents and kids have been good about using the labels provided by Hilton Soy Foods

When we serve WOWBUTTER at our school, it is the only day that the kids come back for seconds and thirds! 


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WOWBUTTER is Buy American Exempt


There are exceptions that allow you to purchase and serve WOWBUTTER.  For more information or questions please email us.