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WOWBUTTER Ingredients 


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From our family to yours...we are proud to produce our WOWBUTTER using only ALL NATURAL ingredients that are all derived from Non-Genetically Modified plants & 100% RSPO Certified.



WOWBUTTER is free of all major allergens EXCEPT SOY. It is produced in a dedicated peanut free and tree nut free facility. Visit the "Allergen Facts" page for more information. Please find below a summary of the ingredients used in the production of WOWBUTTER and how we maintain the NON-GMO status & RSPO Certification:



Whole Toasted Soy:

The soybeans used to produce the Toasted Soy in WOWBUTTER are from identity preserved NON-Genetically Modified soybeans grown exclusively in Canada and are planted, harvested, transported, stored, conditioned and packaged in such a manner so as to minimize the risk of contamination from other soybean varieties.  Our soybean supplier is certified with Identity Preserved Recognition Plus HACCP that ensures identity and NON-Genetically Modified preservation.  In addition, all raw soybeans are tested for the presence of Genetic Modification prior to unloading at our facility using the EnviroLogix™ QuickStix™ Kit for Roundup Ready® Bulk Soybeans, which has a sensitivity of 0.1%.  Any soybeans that fail the Genetic Modification strip test are rejected.


Pressed Soy Oil: 

The oil used in WOWBUTTER is a fully refined naturally pressed soy oil derived from Soybeans that have NOT been Genetically Modified from USA origin.  We retain documentation and confirmation from our oil supplier confirming that the soy oil we purchase is NOT Genetically Modified.  The supplier is certified by The NON-GMO Project that ensures identity and NON-Genetically Modified preservation.


Cane Sugar:

A little cane sugar for a hint of sweetness (2g per 32g serving) is added to complement the natural sugar already found in Soy.  The cane sugar used is derived from raw sugar cane sources and suppliers that do not grow Genetically Modified varieties.  Documentation from the supplier is kept on file to indicate the NON-Genetic Modification status of the sugar.


Palm Oil (Sustainable): 

A tiny amount (less than 5%) of Palm Oil is added to WOWBUTTER to help prevent oil separation.  The origin of the palm oil that is used comes from sources that have NOT been Genetically Modified and is Mass-Balanced RSPO Certified.  Documentation from the supplier is kept on file to indicate the NON-Genetic Modification & RSPO status of the Palm Oil.  Furthermore, the palm oil supplier is part of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).  Read more about the benefits of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.


Sea Salt: 

A pinch of Sea Salt is added.  There is no Genetic Modification done on sea salt.





In Summary:

We are committed to ensuring that all ingredients used in the production of WOWBUTTER are derived from ingredients of NON-GMO origin and that they will continue to maintain the NON-GMO status. We further verify the NON-GMO status with 3rd party testing completed every 3 months for GMO’s at an accredited lab.


Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


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