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Institutional Samples


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Request Samples and Literature for your school or organization

(we are currently not offering consumer samples at this time)


Many schools have requested samples and information to send home with every student at the school. In order to make this process easier, we have set up this simple online sample request form.


One display case contains 150 x 0.56 oz (16g) samples of WOWBUTTER, enough samples for 150 students or members. Each shipment will also contain 150 information flyers.


This offer is available only to SCHOOLS and ORGANIZATIONS in Canada and the U.S. We will need to confirm your eligibility before shipping and samples are shipped in order of request.  Personal sample requests or donation requests sent through this form may not processed.

WOWBUTTER has the right to reduce the numbers of samples which is subject to our decision based on the information provided.  Please expect your samples to arrive in 4-6 weeks.


You can print extra flyers or classroom posters by clicking on the GET THE FLYER button.