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School Lunch identification of WOWBUTTER is easy with our new AWARD WINNING identification stickers included with every jar!


Our WOWBUTTER that "Tastes Just Like Peanut Butter!"  solves the difficult problems and conflicts that have risen from the necessary peanut free and peanut aware policies implemented by socially responsible Schools, Camps and Day Cares in both Canada and the United States.


WOWBUTTER is 100% SAFE for all schools with or without a peanut ban or policy.  It will not affect anyone with strictly a peanut and/or nut allergy who smells, ingests or contacts this product.  YOUR SCHOOL CANNOT STOP YOU FROM SENDING WOWBUTTER, NOR SHOULD THEY!  It provides a healthy and nutritious peanut free and nut free lunch solution for your child while protecting those children with a peanut and/or nut allergy.


We support lunch identification and co-operation of parents and schools regarding the contents of school lunches and assurance that school peanut free and nut free policies are followed.  To accomplish this, we have now included with every jar of WOWBUTTER, school lunch identification stickers that are easily accessible to parents and easily identified by schools. For more details, please review the School Lunch Procedure to be followed by parents and caregivers when sending our WOWBUTTER peanut butter replacement to school.


School Lunch Procedure


WOWBUTTER jar and lunch box

These identification stickers provide a viable solution for both parents and schools by satisfying the needs of both those that are allergic AND those that are not allergic while also establishing better anaphylactic allergy awareness.

Working together, parents and schools can create a safer school environment for those who are allergic and a healthier lunch environment for all school kids.


If there is no "Made with WOWBUTTER" identification sticker, then it's not WOWBUTTER!


Your continued support will provide a safer, healthier, more united school and community!




WOWBUTTER: Bridging the gap between allergic and non-allergic students in order to provide a healthier, safer, more united and happier school environment!