Frequently Asked Questions about WOWBUTTER

Do you offer free coupons?

Not at this time, we are a small family run business that works hard at keeping costs down to ensure you are getting the lowest price possible.

Do you offer free samples?

Yes, we believe that if you try our product, it’ll have you saying “WOW!!! It’s just like peanut butter, but better”. Click here to request samples.

Do you have a store at your manufacturing facility?

Currently we do not have a store on premises, as we are an allergy sensitive facility and do not want to take the chance of a potential allergen contamination.

What is the shelf life of your product?

For optimal taste and aroma we have printed a best-by date on all packaging, however WOWBUTTER is perfectly safe to consume long after.

Shelf Life for all retail jars is 730 days from the production date and all other sizes are 365 days from production

Does WOWBUTTER have to be refrigerated?

No, WOWBUTTER does not require refrigeration, however we do suggest it as it will slow down the oxidation process and continue to keep the fresh toasted taste for longer.

Why are the jars now coloured?

There are a couple reasons we have decided to use a coloured jar.

  1. The product is filled hot and when it sets, it sometimes pulls away from the jar.  When it does that, it leaves a visual appearance that is not appealing to some consumers and they won't buy it because they think there is something wrong with it when in reality, it is perfectly good.
  2. Our WOWBUTTER has no added colours, flavours or preservatives and by colouring the jar, we are able to keep the light out of the jar which further helps to maintain the great WOWBUTTER flavour that our customers have come to expect for a longer period of time.

The seal is difficult to remove, can you change it?

Our number one priority has always been to produce and maintain the highest quality and freshest product possible for our WOWBUTTER.  Although sometimes difficult to remove, our current jar seal has been proven to be far superior in maintaining the great taste and aroma of our product.  To facilitate the removal of the seal, a knife can be used to cleanly cut around the inside edge of the jar.

Can you freeze WOWBUTTER?

WOWBUTTER can be placed in the freezer for later use.  We have not encountered any issues with freezing.

Can you cook/bake using WOWBUTTER?

Yes, with amazing results!  We have tested WOWBUTTER in many recipes with great results including many that claim it turns out BETTER!

No Converting required, simply replace the PB one for one in your recipe with our delicious WOWBUTTER


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