Request Samples and Literature for your school or organization

Many schools have requested samples and information to send home with every student at the school. In order to make this process easier, we have set up this simple online sample request form.

One display case contains 200 x ½ oz (14g) samples of WOWBUTTER, enough samples for 200 students or members. Each shipment will also contain enough information flyers for everyone.

This offer is available only to SCHOOLS and ORGANIZATIONS in Canada and the U.S. We will need to confirm your eligibility before shipping and samples are shipped in order of request.

You can print extra flyers or classroom posters by clicking on the buttons below:



Requested # of display cases Each pack contains 200 x ½ oz (14g) samples
Number of Students/Members
Type of Organization:
How will the samples be used?
How did you hear about WOWbutter?
Name of person approving sample request:
I personally certify that these samples are being requested by or on behalf of the Director or Manager named above and will be used strictly for sampling, education and awareness activities for the benefit of the entire organization and community.
Your Full Name
Organization Phone Number* (please include area code)
*You may receive a phone call to request confirmation of eligibility.
This form is not to be used to request personal samples.
Your e-mail address
Street Address*
P.O. Box, Apt. or Unit (if required)
Postal Code*
Please enter the number you see here:  

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