Our WOWBUTTER Retail Products available:

With a taste, texture and nutrition that consumers know and love, it is fast becoming a new food staple for many families across North America and beyond!

Look for WOWBUTTER in your local grocery store or natural foods store in 500g jars. Both a CREAMY and CRUNCHY version are available in most stores.  Distributors and retailers looking for retail and food service sizes can contact us directly for more information or Donatantonio located in the UK at www.donatantonio.com

Wowbutter is available in the following stores in the UNITED KINGDOM:

Select independent retailers and health food stores.

Please give these UPC numbers to the store manager if you are having difficulty finding it.

WOWBUTTER Creamy - 500g jar  UPC 7 73948 21100 4
WOWBUTTER Crunchy - 500g jar UPC 7 73948 21101 1


Buy Online:

Amazon.co.uk - Crunchy 500g Jar - 3 Pack
Amazon.co.uk - Creamy 500g Jar - 3 Pack
Amazon.co.uk - Creamy 10 kg Pail

NutFreeLiving.online/shop - Crunchy 500g Jar

https://sportsinside.co.uk/collections/wowbutter - Creamy 500g Jar  Crunchy 500g Jar


WOWBUTTER has simple ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or fillers.

  • 7g SOY PROTEIN per 32g serving - a complete protein source containing all 9 essential amino acids
  • 1000mg OMEGA-3 essential oils for good health; peanut butter has 0mg
  • 3g FIBER per 32g serving
  • 0g Trans Fat per 32g serving and Cholesterol Free
  • 100% Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Gluten Free and Dairy Free
  • Read our allergen declarations.
  • Provides all the important health benefits of SOY with a familiar great taste
  • Also refer to the “Nutrition Facts” page for additional information about the benefits of soy.