Field To Table Food Safety

We are a vertically integrated from "Field To Table” family owned and operated business. Our goal was to develop a peanut butter replacement that was healthier and safer than traditional peanut butter. We designed our proprietary process to virtually eliminate all possibility of any microbiological contamination.

We control every step of the process right from sourcing the Select Raw Soybeans in local fields to packaging the finished product ready for your enjoyment. Having complete product control from “Field To Table”, we are able to monitor and evaluate the quality and safety of our products at every step along the process.

We start by sourcing only select local Non-GMO White Hilium Food Grade Soybeans grown in our own fields and by other local area farmers to assure that the quality and consistency required for our WOWBUTTER are met.

It is important to know that soybeans are grown and dried above ground which provides a much higher statistical probability of containing NO microcontaminants compared to peanuts, which are grown in the ground. Additionally, Soybeans ARE NOT susceptible to Aflatoxin mold as peanuts are, which can kill both animals and humans.

The cleaning, toasting and final processing into WOWBUTTER is completed in one facility allowing for complete control of all processing parameters and standards. This enables us to achieve the superior taste, texture and aroma of our exclusive WOWBUTTER.

To assure a microcontaminant-free product, our soy is toasted at significantly higher temperatures and much longer times than compared to roasted peanuts. Our toasting temperatures are well above the 165°F temperatures needed to kill lethal bacteria and for much longer times than industry standards. The product is then heated a second time in the final grinding process, again above the 165°F temperatures needed to kill bacteria adding additional food safety assurance.

To further protect the quality and safety of our unique WOWBUTTER, the final grinding and heating step in our exclusive WOWBUTTER production process is done in a completely closed loop OXYGEN-Free system that fills directly into the jar ready for consumption. The result is a great fresh toasted smell and taste, but more importantly superior food safety, quality, and a product free of microcontamination.

The end result is a peanut butter replacement that is much safer for human consumption than peanut butter itself. With the additional health benefits that soy provides, we are sure that you will agree WOWBUTTER peanut butter replacement is the better life choice for you and your families’ safety and good health!