WOWBUTTER Nutrition Facts

WOWBUTTER does not need refrigeration after opening but for best results store below 75F (24C).

All Ingredients are sourced from NON-GMO sources. Read more about our ingredients and NON-GMO sourcing.

All Natural NON-GMO Ingredients: Whole Toasted Soy, Pressed Soy Oil, Cane Sugar (for a hint of sweetness, only 2g per 32g serving is added), Palm Oil (Sustainable, certified by RSPO and less than 5% is used to prevent oil separation), Sea Salt.

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WOWBUTTER spread is peanut free, tree nut free, gluten free, egg free, and dairy free. It is produced in a dedicated facility that manufactures only soy products. Visit the "Allergen Facts" page for more information

WOWBUTTER is credited the same as peanut butter for US Child & Adult Food Programs when used as a meat alternative.

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