Help your school implement a peanut free or peanut aware school policy that provides benefits to the entire school community:

Many socially responsible schools have responded to requirements that outline the need to protect allergic kids at school by implementing complete peanut free and/or nut free policies. The financial risk to the school relative to lawsuits, not to mention the risk of children dying who are required by law to be safe at the school, has prompted a response by many schools. Schools that do not yet have a peanut free and/or nut free policy hesitate to implement these policies because they are afraid of change and the fear of backlash from parents whose kids do not have these live threatening allergies. A peanut free school policy addresses the needs of allergic kids and WOWBUTTER addresses the nutrition and taste needs of non-allergic kids.

We have successfully addressed all concerns from schools and parents (both allergic and non-allergic) and it is now easier than ever for your school to implement peanut free and/or nut free policies. WOWBUTTER and the School Lunch Procedure provide a viable working compromise between those that are allergic and those that are NOT allergic to create a safer, more united school environment while promoting healthy lunch choices at the same time.


More and more schools are making the decision to become peanut free due to the high financial risk to the school relative to lawsuits, not to mention the risk of children dying who are supposed to be safe at school. In addition, recent studies have shown that many peanut allergic kids are subject to bullying which can have long term mental and physical implications.

There are many benefits to your school becoming peanut free and accepting and/or serving WOWBUTTER including:

WOWBUTTER: Bridging the gap between allergic and non-allergic students in order to provide a healthier, safer, more united and happier school environment!

You can help your school become peanut free and/or nut free:

You can download and print a letter to take to your school principal and/or classroom teacher that provides the necessary information to facilitate a smooth transition into a peanut free environment at your school. 

It is socially responsible concerned parents and citizens such as yourself that can make a big difference towards providing a safe, happy, healthy learning environment for all school kids.



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