The only true Peanut Butter Replacement that meets the taste, texture and nutrition requirements for all peanut/nut free applications

Socially responsible food manufacturers need WOWBUTTER Peanut Butter Replacement to help protect our highly allergic peanut, nut and gluten sensitive society!

WOWBUTTER takes the place of peanut butter in all food applications because it's so smooth, creamy and incredibly delicious - you won't believe its not peanut butter!

Our innovative WOWBUTTER was designed and developed to protect the millions of kids and adults who suffer from life threatening peanut and nut allergies.  It was also developed to help nourish the hundreds of millions of non-allergic consumers that need healthy food solutions.

WOWBUTTER solves the difficult product development and ingredient problems that have risen when socially responsible companies transform their manufacturing facility to a peanut free environment to better serve Consumers, Schools, Camps, Day Cares, Restaurants, Hotels and other public institutions.

Most importantly, product developers no longer have to struggle with how to replace peanut butter in their application. NO REFORMULATION REQUIRED, a simple one for one switch with peanut butter is all that it takes! Companies can feel good about using WOWBUTTER because they are using a nutritious ingredient while keeping all consumers safe, happy and nourished!

WOWBUTTER... Finally a great way to get the health benefits of soy with a taste consumers already know and love - some even claim it tastes better than peanut butter!

SOY HAS PROVEN HEALTH  BENEFITS from childhood through adulthood - helping to prevent heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, menopausal symptoms, helping build, maintain and repair muscles and much more. Visit the Nutrition Facts page to find more information.

WOWBUTTER is simply the better food ingredient choice with:

Storage: Product should be stored in a cool, dry place, maximum humidity 60%. Do not store product above 70° F.

Packaging: 10kg Pial, 20kg Bag in Box, 500lb Bulk Drums

All NON-GMO Ingredients: Whole Toasted Soy, Pressed Soy Oil, Cane Sugar, Modified Palm Oil (Sustainable), Sea Salt

WOWBUTTER is made in 100% Peanut & Tree Nut Free Facility so we are able to provide a consistent high quality, safe product.

Please contact us for your Industrial Use needs.


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