What's not in your food can be more important than what is in your food!

WOWBUTTER is crafted using only simple, ALL NATURAL, Non-GMO ingredients and unlike peanut butter contains NO Hydrogenated oils and NO aflatoxin.

Aflatoxin can be found at various levels in almost all peanut and peanut butter products.  Independent lab tests for Aflatoxin on two major peanut butter brands confirmed the presence of Aflatoxin while WOWBUTTER contained NONE!

Peanuts have much higher statistical probability of micro contaminants since they are grown underground and then left on top of the ground to dry. Whether the peanuts are grown organically or not, they are exposed to all types of soil contaminants, as well as manure from domestic animals used as fertilizers, feces from animals in nature, residue of dead animals in nature, bird droppings, and you name it. Because the peanuts often come out of the ground high in moisture, they are highly susceptible to AFLATOXIN mold, a mold very prominent in peanut crops. Often the crop must be blended or destroyed as a result, since aflatoxin can kill both animals and people.

Soybeans on the other hand, are grown and dried high above ground and have substantially less chance of potential contamination (including aflatoxin) all the way from growing, harvesting, and through the entire production process, including the packaging of WOWBUTTER going into the sealed jar. The soybeans are toasted longer at temperatures higher than that used to roast peanuts and well above the 165°F temperatures that are lethal to bacteria, then heated a second time in the final grinding process, again above the 165°F temperatures.

The result is a great fresh smell and taste, along with superior food safety quality, free of micro-contaminants such as bacteria’s (ecoli, salmonella, listeria) and mold as well as Aflatoxin.

Made in a peanut free & treenut free facility using the following ingredients:

Whole Toasted Soy:  Using only identity preserved NON-GMO soybeans grown exclusively in Canada and/or the United States.

Pressed Soy Oil:  Naturally pressed NON-GMO oil of USA origin. 

Cane Sugar:  A hint of sweetness (2g per 32g serving) is added to compliment the natural sugar already found in Soy. 

Palm Oil (Sustainable):  A tiny amount (less than 5%) of RSPO certified Palm Oil is added to prevent oil separation.

Sea Salt:  A pinch of Sea Salt is added. 

"Our whole family loves it, I don’t know that we would go back to regular peanut butter even if we could. So in closing thank you for making such a wonderful product, we are definitely lifelong customers!" - Rachel