Help your school implement a peanut free school policy that provides benefits to the entire school community

AWARD WINNING Procedure for sending WOWBUTTER to school:


Socially responsible schools are implementing peanut free and/or nut free bans to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis due to peanuts and nuts. You are supporting and accomplishing this goal by sending WOWBUTTER to school while providing a lunch that your child loves with the nutrition they need.

We have created a simple and convenient labelling system to follow when sending WOWBUTTER to school to comply with peanut and/or tree nut free policies.

1. Inform your school by using the SCHOOL LUNCH LETTER

At the beginning of the school year or before you begin sending WOWBUTTER to school, download the convenient pre-written SCHOOL LUNCH LETTER, sign it as a parent or guardian and send the letter to school with your child.  This letter will inform School officials including principals and teachers about your intention to send Safe-for-School WOWBUTTER in your child’s lunch for the school year.  It indicates to the school official that as an educated and concerned parent, lunches made and sent from your home will be made exclusively with WOWBUTTER as a peanut butter replacement and will NOT contain any peanuts and/or nuts.  This will ensure the health and safety of school students while following and promoting the School peanut free and/or nut free policy. Your school may keep your letter of commitment for their records.


You will then need to label and identify school lunches with the stickers that come with every jar!

2. Label the school lunch:

After purchasing WOWBUTTER that is available at all major retailers in Canada and many in the United States, remove and discard the outer jar label to reveal the lunch identification stickers.

Peel an easily identified bright yellow "Made with WOWBUTTER"sticker from the jar and apply to the sandwich container so the school can easily identify the sandwich and its contents. Use these stickers every time you make something at home using exclusively WOWBUTTER (such as a WOWBUTTER and jam sandwich or WOWBUTTER cookies) to send to school.

If you forget to label the lunch with the school lunch stickers, the school will assume that it is not WOWBUTTER, so don't forget to label every lunch!

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that lunches are properly identified and labelled, as with any food item. Mislabelling of food or lunches using the Sticker label is illegal. Label lunches responsibly. Anyone found using these labels other than for their intended purpose will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Place the unique bright yellow labelled jar back on the shelf for future school lunches.

Every labelled WOWBUTTER sandwich/container will now have the same identification stickers that are included with every jar of WOWBUTTER!

The key to a safe, healthy and united school environment is working together!


We appreciate all the support we are receiving in helping "Spread the Word" about WOWBUTTER to your family and friends and at your school.

We have reminder posters available for schools that can be printed and displayed in the classroom to remind students that their lunches containing WOWBUTTER must be labeled with the identification stickers. It also better informs the lunch monitors. You can help better inform all the students in your child's classroom by printing and sending a poster to the school for their classroom. Download and print this poster direct from this website.


If you need further assistance with your school, send us an email to We will try and answer any further questions!.


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