I have not been able to eat peanut butter for 36 years. I saw the wowbutter at Giant in the organic section and thought I would give it a try. I was just floored ,it was just like the last peanut butter sandwich I had when I 6 years old. I am 41 and this is so much better than sunflower butter , regular soy butter. Thank you so much for making such a great product, the words are just not there for how happy I am to be able to in joy something so close to tasting like the real thing.

- Eric R SR, Email

Awesome product!! I was having a hard time making lunches for my son because he is kind of picky, but now I can send him to school with a sandwich that I know he will eat and that is good for him!!!

- Shannon, Facebook

Hi Friends and how are you today? From A to Z, this is the best food product I have ever tried! What a great surprise! ...the gourmet level consistency make this a supreme product for adults as well as children. (I became peanut allergic as an adult and have tried all of the oily, cakey soy butters.) Thank you for WOWBUTTER!

- Sue

Wow: It smells good and tastes good! We just got our pkg from my sister in Nanaimo B.C. and myself and 2 sons could not wait to try the WOWBUTTER. My youngest is 6 and allergic to peanuts so when I found out about your company I was so excited. Now we know it tastes good — how to we get it brought to our town?

- Lisa Davidson

I bought it yesterday, and the taste is great ! Thank you so much to do such a perfect product for my little girl...She can eat it at school, and if my daughter loves it, everybody does!

- Joanne, Facebook

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